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Power solution for automotive electronics

Protect driving safety and refresh travel experience.

ETC on board unit power solutions.

Li-SOCl2 batteries and battery capacitors can be combined to form a composite power supply, providing an ideal power supply solution for after-mounted ETC on-board units; As an energy storage device, the battery capacitor provides a stable and efficient power supply solution for the front mounted ETC on-board unit.


200 million

More than 200 million batteries had been sold worldwide, verified to be stable and efficient.

10+ years

More than 10 years of practical applications of on-board units. Stable, efficient and durable.

High pulse

Battery capacitors provide the high power pulse output for ETC communication in a wide temperature range.

High capacity

Li-SOCl2 batteries have high energy density and low self-discharge rate, providing sufficient power.

Automotive grade

Battery capacitor meets the requirements of GB/T 38444 and AEC-Q200, safer and more reliable.

eCall standby power solutions.

Long-life rechargeable lithium ion battery can support the energy supply of emergency call system under all-weather conditions, escorting for the safety of passengers and vehicles.


Wide operating temperature range

Responds instantly in the range of -40℃~85℃, outputs continuously, and operates stably under extreme environments.

Multiple solutions

2S1P, 1S2P and other solutions to meet the requirements of different output power or voltage.

Long cycle life

Meet the requirements of long cycle life in automotive environment.

High reliability

Maintain a stable output ability in a harsh on-board environment to ensure that the emergency call system is continuously online.

High safety

Passed UN38.3, UL1642 and IEC62133 certifications to ensure safe applications through the whole battery life.

T-BOX power solutions.

Long-life rechargeable lithium ion battery has the characteristics of high power and wide operating temperature range, being able to support T-box applications in all regions and climates.


Wide operating temperature range

Supports 5C continuous output at -40℃~85℃, and performs functional discharge in extreme low temperature.

Longer lifespan

Meet the requirements of long cycle life in automotive environment

High voltage

Nominal voltage 3.6V, which can meet the voltage requirements of the on-board unit, and reduce the volume.

High safety and reliability

Passed UN38.3, UL1642 and IEC62133 certifications to ensure safe applications through the whole battery life.

GPS/tracking power solutions.

EVE has a full range of power solutions for vehicle positioning and cargo tracking system.


Passive on-board terminal

CR123A and other Li-MnO2 battery solutions, with the characteristics of small size, long life and high safety.

Cargo tracking

composite power solution, to meet the requirements of global wide temperature environment, high frequency positioning and safety.

TPMS power solutions.

Lithium-Manganese Dioxide button cell provides an ideal power solution for on-board TPMS and ensures safe travel.



Ultra wide temperature application, global unimpeded, continuous output.

Long life

Distinctive battery system, long-term stable power supply meets the actual TPMS application conditions, Superior long-term reliability.


Provide effective guarantee for battery sealing by high performance sealing materials and sealing technology.


Stable tire pressure signal transmission can be provided at racing speed.

*Above data comes from EVE's laboratory. Product performance may differ in different products, please contact us for details.


EVE provides you with a comprehensive solution for lithium batteries.