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Jointly Create Industry Value - EVE Exhibited at the Int’l Rechargeable Battery Expo in Tokyo, Japan

Mar 17,2023

The 14th Tokyo Int’l Rechargeable Battery Expo – Battery Japan was held at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan from Mar. 15th to 17th. EVE unveiled its comprehensive solutions for consumer batteries and energy storage batteries. Among them, the new cylindrical batteries attracted the attention of on-site customers as soon as they were unveiled. During the exhibition, the sales team from EVE had in-depth communications with important customers.

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As one of the three major exhibitions in the world's battery industry, the Tokyo Int’l Rechargeable Battery Expo has important industry influence that gathers first-line rechargeable battery and related industry manufacturers. At the exhibition, the debut of EVE's new cylindrical battery attracted the attention of the attendees with its characteristics of low internal resistance and strong discharge capacity, which can meet the needs of higher capacity and higher discharge rate in usage scenarios. The displayed comprehensive solutions for consumer batteries and energy storage batteries (Li/MnO2 battery, Li/SOCl2 battery, SPC, Cylindrical NCM Cell, Prismatic LFP Cell, etc.) also raised a strong passion among customers and industry experts. 

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Up to now, EVE has provided more than 1.7 bn lithium primary batteries for smart meters around the world and its sales and export volume have ranked first in China for 7 consecutive years. Consumer Li-ion batteries serve the world's first-tier brands while cylindrical batteries also have been widely used by core brands of power tools, first-tier electric two-wheelers, cleaning equipment, and portable energy storage.

EVE’s Prismatic LFP Cell caught great attention of energy storage customers. Designing ESS products with the consideration of material system, technology and system structure, EVE has established ESS product strategies that ensures product safety and economy, also suitable for the whole scenario, providing grid ESS, household ESS, telecom ESS and IDC backup solutions to customers globally to satisfy their needs in different scenarios.

In the future, EVE will adhere to the innovation-driven development concept and continue to provide high-quality power solutions for customers in various industries, promote energy transformation and make outstanding contributions to the sustainable development.