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Assist in upgrading smart meters in Europe! EVE makes an exciting appearance at Enlit Europe 2023

Dec 04,2023

The 24th Enlit Europe 2023 was held in Paris, France from November 28th to 30th. EVE has made a brilliant debut with it 's comprehensive solutions for smart meter power supply, and discussed new developments of the industry in the future.

As a global industry-leading comprehensive exhibition covering the entire energy industry chain, the Enlit Europe 2023 covers energy fields such as electricity, water, thermal energy, and gas, covering topics such as smart meters, smart grids, data management, smart homes, AMR&AMI, communication & IT, and energy retail. Over 15,000 professionals, 150 countries, 500 utility companies, 1,000 exhibitors, and 500 speakers attended.


At the exhibition, EVE showcased a comprehensive range of products including Li/SOCI2 batteries, Li/MnO2 batteries, SPC, PLM batteries, upgraded ER+SPC power solutions. With a comprehensive solution of "long life, high safety, and high reliability" for smart water meter power solution, the booth site has attracted many customers and industry experts to visit and negotiate.


The full scenario terminal applications of smart electricity meters, water meters, and gas meters equipped with EVE’s batteries were showcased on site, attracting countless attention. Among them, ER14250 demonstrates long-lasting and strong power for smart electricity meters; ES261520 integrated adhesive combination with IP68 waterproof rating ensures continuous power supply throughout the entire life cycle of the smart water meters, achieving more stable and accurate operation; The upgraded version of ER+SPC composite power solution comprehensively improves product performance, can output 10C high rate pulse current, and takes into account core advantages such as high stable voltage, low self- discharge rate, and ultra-wide working temperature range. It achieves safer use, more flexible installation, and longer power supply, effectively solving customer concerns. It has received widespread attention and recognition on site.

EVE continues to provide comprehensive solutions for the global smart meter industry, from individual batteries to hybrid power supplies to customized solutions, providing customers with one-stop services. We are committed to the concept of green, low-carbon and sustainable development, and work with customers and partners to achieve unlimited possibilities for lithium batteries and smart living.



As a leading global lithium battery company, EVE has provided over 1.9 billion smart meter batteries globally, the sales and export volume of primary lithium batteries has consistently ranked No. 1 in China for 7 years, and ER battery was selected as China’s Single-Champion product in manufacturing industry in 2022.

EVE has always focused on global strategic layout and has the ability of “global manufacturing, global delivery, and global service”. In the future, EVE will continue to be committed to lithium battery technology innovation, collaborate with strategic partners, continuously provide more comprehensive and high-quality products and innovative power solutions for global customers, promote the energy iteration and upgrading of the smart meter industry, and contribute to the digital and intelligent development of the global energy industry.