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Vaping technology, continuous progress! EVE Appears at the 9th Vape Industry Summit Forum

Jan 05,2024

On January 5th, the "Vaping Technology · Continuous Progress - the 9th Vape Industry Summit Forum" was grandly held in Shenzhen, Guangdong. More than 70 domestic and foreign electronic atomization brands, manufacturing and other upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain gathered together, and EVE presented a comprehensive solution for electronic atomizer batteries, jointly exploring the future development path of the atomization industry.


Zhang Yafei, Technical Director of EVE’s Li-ion Battery Research Institute, was invited to attend and deliver a keynote speech on "Empowering Atomizers with Innovative Battery Technology".


At the forum, Zhang Yafei shared that EVE's comprehensive solution for electronic atomizer batteries adheres to the design concept of "food grade safety", achieving a combination of high-power, long-life, and high-safety, covering material systems such as LCO, NCM, LFP, and providing pouch and can shell solutions to meet customer customization needs and achieve unlimited possibilities of atomization innovation. EVE's self-developed automated production line has achieved the 6th generation upgrade, providing comprehensive solutions from battery cells to PACK, enabling " manufacture globally, deliver globally, and serve globally ".



Zhang Yafei focused on sharing 5 new technologies for atomized batteries, among which CS technology, specifically designed for disposable vapour, reduces annual self-discharge rate by 50% and extends shelf life by 100 days; STT technology effectively improves the safety performance of atomizers without fear of short circuits; Super energy technology reduces battery charging time by 50%, increases energy density by 25%, and increases cycle life by 20%; Concentrated energy technology batteries increase energy density by 20% and cycle life by 100%, providing customers worldwide with a better atomization experience.



EVE has always attached great importance to the development of green, low-carbon, energy-saving and environmental protection. Relying on an excellent R&D platform and an international and systematic R&D team, EVE continues to conquer the core technology of lithium batteries, achieve full lifecycle traceability of products, and build a circular economy green supply chain of "decommissioned lithium batteries - chemical materials - battery materials - lithium batteries". At the same time, actively implementing the requirements of EU battery regulations, continuously exploring cutting-edge technologies and green replaceable battery solutions in the atomization industry, and achieving a win-win situation in terms of economic benefits, environment, and social value.


As of now, EVE has provided over 1.8 billion electronic atomizer batteries globally, serving the world's leading tobacco giants and well-known electronic atomizer brands. In the future, EVE will continue to adhere to independent research and development, continuously promote technological innovation, promote upstream and downstream technology exchange and resource docking in the electronic atomization industry, work together with global partners to build a full life cycle value chain for batteries, and help the sustainable development of the atomization industry.