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Expand the "international circle of friends", EVE Energy signed a MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING with Aksa, Türkiye

Jan 17,2024

On January 12, EVE Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as " EVE Power "), a subsidiary of EVE Energy, reached a consensus on cooperation and signed a MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING with Türkiye's Aksa Jeneratör Sanayi A.Ş (hereinafter referred to as "Aksa").


EVE Power and Aksa intend to establish a joint venture company in Türkiye, which is committed to manufacturing, marketing and sales of battery modules, cabinets and containers. Additionally, the partnership will act as an EPC contractor, implementing the complex BESS projects in Türkiye (“Territory”).




The memorandum received the official seal of approval from Dr. Liu Jincheng, EVE Energy's esteemed founder and chairman, alongside his counterpart, Necati Baykal, chairman of AKSA. This historic agreement was also honored by the presence of senior management from both parties.


The Turkish government has taken proactive steps to align with the evolving dynamics of global energy by introducing favorable policies and measures. These include the enactment of laws that provide incentives for energy storage and the announcement of comprehensive energy plans. These initiatives signal robust policy support and foreshadow a surge in Türkiye's energy market demand.


Aksa, esteemed as the head power plant and grid operators and a leader in Türkiye's energy sector, contributes deep-seated industry knowledge and resources in the energy market. The collaboration integrates this with EVE Energy's 23-year legacy as a trailblazing force in lithium battery research, development, and manufacturing. EVE Energy stands proud with its energy storage cells consistently hitting the top three in global shipments for three consecutive years. In 2023, EVE Energy has started its power and energy storage manufacturing business in Hungary, Malaysia and the United States, gradually opening up a new situation of "global manufacturing, global delivery and global service".


This joint venture is a testament to the complementing strengths of Aksa's local market integration and EVE Energy’s lithium battery prowess. The alliance is set to infuse a dynamic force into Türkiye's blossoming energy sector. Peering into the future, EVE Energy vows to harness the winds of globalization. Leveraging its strengths in technological innovation, impeccable quality, and cost-efficiency, EVE Energy is committed to steering both its own and the wider industry's sustainable growth. With low-carbon goals at its helm, the company eagerly extends its hand to partners worldwide, promising to fuel the ongoing journey of energy revolution with enduring vigor!