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EVE’s LEV full-scenario solutions unveiled at EUROBIKE 2024

Jul 09,2024

From July 3rd to 7th, EUROBIKE 2024 was held in Frankfurt Messe, Germany, and EVE made a stunning appearance with its LEV full-scenario solutions.


Dylan Li, Technical Manager of EVE’s Cylindrical Battery Research Institute, delivered a keynote speech on "Life as a Best Ride", focusing on the European E2W market, and comprehensively elaborating on the "Cell + Pack" one-stop solution, realizing the infinite possibilities of high-performance lithium batteries and smart life, which was highly recognized by the whole audience.



LEV Full-scenario Solutions

Empower Every Ride


Dylan shared that based on the accumulation of lithium battery safety technology and breakthroughs in innovation over the past 23 years, EVE can provide the global e-bike market with a comprehensive solution "from cell to battery pack", which combines the performance advantages of high safety, high capacity, long cycle life and wide temperature application to match various riding scenarios, such as family travel, high-speed off-roading, urban commuting, freight transportation, express delivery, outdoor activities, and so on. The 18650 high-capacity series covers 2550mAh, 2850mAh, 3200mAh, 3500mAh, with increasing energy density, and the 21700 battery covers 5000mAh.



The new 21700 58E battery launched in this exhibition realizes a breakthrough in capacity, adopting high nickel materials, high-capacity, high-pressure graphite doped silicon-based materials for the negative electrode, with an energy density of up to 290Wh/kg and a capacity of 5,700mAh, which can better satisfy the application needs of lightweight and long range of electric bicycles, and truly realize the concept of "no fear of mileage anxiety in long-distance travel and no need to wait for a long time for charging". At the same time, it can realize -20℃~+70℃ wide temperature discharge. With multiple safety and quality certificates, it has high safety and reliability, and is fearless to challenge various harsh environments.


Eurobike展会 EVE选片-46.png


EVE's LEV product ecosystem is centered around users' concerns about safety, range, fast charging, intelligence and other dimensions, accelerating the upgrading of technical solutions. The exhibition also showcased EVE's "Ultimate Safety" LinJu series of battery packs and "Ultra Long Range" 46 series battery packs, which attracted a high degree of attention from customers.


Eurobike展会 EVE选片-76.jpg


Accelerating Globalization

Empower the world with EVE Energy


As a global lithium battery head company, EVE has provided more than 2.2 billion cylindrical cells to the world, and the shipment of cylindrical cells in 2023 ranked Top 4 globally and the first in the domestic market, which is widely recognized by the users and the market. EVE has accelerated the expansion of the global "friends circle", and constructed the resource advantages of "Global Manufacturing, Global Delivery and Global Cooperation". At present, EVE has laid out Huizhou in Guangdong Province, Jingmen in Hubei Province, Ningbo in Zhejiang Province and Malaysia to build "6+N" cylindrical cell production bases, so as to respond to the global market demand with sufficient production capacity, and to realize efficient production and fast delivery.


The construction of the Malaysian plant is progressing well, and the main building of the project has been basically completed. It has obtained the manufacturing license to produce cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, and is expected to be completed and officially put into production by the end of this year. In the future, EVE’s Malaysia plant will continue to uphold technological innovation, give full play to the synergistic effect of advanced manufacturing advantages and operational experience, to accelerate the pace of expansion of globalization layout.



Adhering to the concept of sustainable development, EVE actively responds to the global "dual-carbon" goal and puts forward the CREATE Carbon Neutral Action Plan, from Made by EVE to We create, and is committed to creating greener and more energy-efficient environmental protection products and LEV battery solutions for the whole scenario, and promises to achieve carbon neutrality in operations by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality across the core value chain by 2040, to join hands with its partners to promote the green and low-carbon transformation of global transportation and energy, empowering the world with EVE Energy.