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EVE Cylindrical Battery Strategy Launch-the commissioning ceremony of EVE 13th plants was successfully held

Apr 19,2022

On April 14,EVE Cylindrical Battery Strategy Launch -the commissioning ceremony of EVE 13th plants was successfully held. senior executives from EVE, including Dr. Liu Jincheng, Chairman of EVE, Liu Jianhua, President of EVE and Vincent Wong, Senior Vice President of EVE, representatives of important customers, strategic suppliers and media attended the ceremony. Zhou Hongyan, Executive Vice President of EVE Power, presided over the ceremony.EVE held a global Cylindrical Battery Strategy Conference online and offline to witness the 4th factory of EVE cylindrical battery and the 5th expansion of production.

At the ceremony, Chairman Dr. Liu Jincheng delivered a speech. Dr. He Wei, Dean of the Power Battery Research Institute, released new cylindrical battery products, and Senior Vice President Vincent Wong introduced the sustainable development of cylindrical batteries.

Subsequently, Dr. Liu Jincheng awarded the license of 13TH factory to Shang Yingmei, Vice President of EVE.

With Dr. Liu Jincheng, Chen Yin (CEO of Greebo Jiangsu), Qin Jiusan (Chairman of Capchem), Wu Mengtao (General Manager of Chengdu Bamo-Technology), and senior executives from EVE: Liu Jianhua, Huang Weiyan, Shang Yingmei and Dr. He Wei  jointly pressed the starting device symbolically implying that the 13th factory of EVE was officially put into operation.

After the launch ceremony, the guests, customers and the media went to visit the newly automated production line.

The 4th plant and the 5th expansion production of cylindrical battery

The 13th factory of EVE covers an area of 150 thousand square meters and has a total investment of 471 million dollars, which realizes the construction of high-standard workshops of 130 thousand square meters. This factory mainly produces the products including 18650-35V, 21700-40P and 21700-50E. The annual production capacity will increase to 750 million pcs with production of the 13th factory. This project has 6 global advanced high-speed production lines with an OEE of 300ppm and realizes the automatic operation of the whole process, which is stable and efficient. Planning by standard of Lighthouse, EVE operates digitally and to achieve lower carbon emissions.

EVE has four production bases for cylindrical batteries, located in Guangdong, Hubei and Zhejiang. The production capacity will increase to 1.5 billion with production of the 13th factory. This will gradually alleviate the shortage of cylindrical batteries in stages and provide better services to customers.

Sustainable Development

At global online conference, Vincent Wong, Senior Vice President of EVE released the Cylindrical Battery Strategy Launch with the theme of "Paths to Sustainable Development".

Manufacture to exacting automotive grade standards; target a defect rate of less than 1.5% and extremely serious to creating full score products lead to EVE style, which is “Strive to the best”.

Based on the high recognition of customers and broad market demand, we will achieve larger-scale development with higher efficiency, lower carbon emissions, and more sustainable development.

At present, EVE has established a complete strategic supply chain to ensure the stability of the supply chain and enhancing the enterprise’s general competitiveness.

Meanwhile EVE has improved the energy structure by adopting green energy and recycling lithium-ion batteries to realize sustainable development.

EVE achieves the coordinated development of economy and social benefits by integrating the advantageous resources of the industry, building a circular economy and green supply chain, and carrying out the layout of recycling, so as to promote the low-carbon emissions of batteries. All these strategies are formulated with the ultimate aim of creating more value for our customers.

With the rapid development of electric gardening tools,lightweight power tools, cordless home appliances, lithium-ion E-motor and green energy sources, Li-ion batteries empower IoTs. EVE will usher in a broader space for development.