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Dr Liu Jincheng, Chairman of EVE Energy, attended EV 100 Forum and delivered a speech

Apr 13,2023

On the 2nd of April, the EV 100 Forum (2023) themed "Modernizing China's Automotive Industry" was held in Beijing, and Dr Liu Jincheng, Chairman of EVE Energy, was invited to give a keynote speech on "A New Stage for EVE Energy's Power Battery Development".

The following are the highlights shared:

Adhere to the balanced development, not to waste consumption power storage batteries

EVE Energy adheres to the concept of long-termism and considers issues from the perspective of consumers, and has established a business structure of consumer batteries, power batteries and energy storage batteries side by side, all of which maintain a stable operation.In addition, it has strengthened cooperation with supply chain head enterprises since 2018 and has invested and laid out more than 20 joint ventures to secure supply and control costs.

Power batteries enter a new stage of low-cost and lightweight

From the perspective of the cost of use of the whole society, Dr Liu Jincheng believes that reducing the amount of on-board batteries will bring about the light weight of the whole vehicle, and with the fast charging technology of batteries, it is the key to reducing the cost of use of the whole society.

With the advancement of technology, the safety of power batteries has been ensured and the perfect combination of performance and cost needs to be found at this stage. In terms of battery technology. EVE Energy's development of large cylindrical batteries and large LFP batteries continues to gain momentum, and benefit from the design of large cylindrical batteries and large LFP batteries themselves, their manufacturing costs will drop significantly, which will also lead to a significant reduction in system costs.

EVE Energy 4695 large cylindrical batteries will be delivered in mass production this year, while the construction of a Giga factory for 60GWh large LFP batteries has started.

Fast-charging technology needs to be overcome

Dr Liu Jincheng pointed out that the technology of super-fast charging should be done in a DC way, rather than a large-scale, super high-power charging pile to achieve.

It is worth mentioning that this year, EVE Energy conducted a storage fast charging trial in Guangdong and Hubei, multiple EVs were charged centrally and quickly, and the storage box could be recycled at the end of the trial. The customer feedback was very good, and the resources were recycled.

After solving the fast-charging battery technology and fast-charging network technology, it will reduce the possession of nickel-cobalt-lithium base materials, promote the reduction of the total cost of the whole society, and the power battery will have a brighter future.

Bright future for power battery development

Finally, Dr Liu Jincheng called on the battery industry to face internationalization, insist on credible, reliable and harmonious development in global manufacturing, global service and global cooperation, and contribute to the sustainable development of all mankind together.