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EVE Releases the 21700 40PL Tabless Cell and 21700 58E High Capacity Energy Cell

Apr 14,2023

With the rapid development of lightweight power tools, electric garden tools, cordless smart homes, electric two-wheelers, and green energy structures, as well as the rapid increase of lithium batteries’ penetration rate in the two-wheeler markets in EU and SEA, the demand for cylindrical cells in various market segments continues to increase, leading to higher requirements of the performance of cylindrical cells.

EVE’s cylindrical battery solutions have unique advantages of economy and intrinsic safety, extreme standardization and reliability. The products are widely used in power tools, garden tools, vacuum cleaners, electric two-wheelers, portable energy storage systems and other fields. For the company’s first time in the world, EVE releases the tabless 21700 40PL cells and the high capacity energy 21700 58E cells, which can meet the various requirements of different application scenarios.

21700 40PL: Tabless & High Power

Developed by EVE, the high-power 21700 40PL adopts the innovative design of the tabless structure, which can effectively reduce the impedance and increase the power. With both high energy density and high power, this new product can replace multi-tab products (18650 1P/2P/3P battery packs or 21700 1P/2P battery packs) to better meet the requirements of light weight and miniaturization in the field of professional tools and industrial tools.

Effectively achieve an energy density of 223Wh/kg, 100A continuous discharge, the product can support 500 cycle times at 50A high rate and discharge at -40°C, which will be mass produced in 2023.

21700 58E: High Capacity & Long Durability

The released high-capacity 21700 58E cells adopt 9-series high-nickel materials while the negative electrode uses high-capacity high-pressure compacted graphite mixed with silicon-based materials. With high energy density of 290Wh/kg, it can meet the requirement of long battery life, which is perfectly suitable for the application scenarios of electric two-wheelers, AGVs, portable energy storage systems, sweeping robots, etc.

With over 1000 times’ cycle life, it can continuously discharge at 3C and work in a wide temperature range from -20℃~ to 60℃, which can be used in most extreme environments. The 21700 58E cells will be mass-produced in 2023.

According to EVTank statistics, the market share of EVE’s cylindrical cells ranked first among domestic brands in 2022. Based on 22 years of experience in cylindrical cells, EVE fully takes its technical advantages to create comprehensive solutions of 18650, 21700, C33, C40 and other cylindrical cells with reliability design, advanced manufacturing technology, comprehensive testing, and standardized control. Up to now, nearly 2 billion cylindrical cells have been provided worldwide.

The mass-produced 18650-series cells can meet different capacity requirements (1500, 2000, 2500, 2550, 2850, 3000, 3200, 3450mAh, etc.); the 21700-series can meet capacity requirements of 4000 and 5000mAh while C33 and C40 can meet the capacity requirements of 15.5Ah and 20.5Ah respectively. All series can maintain stable operation in safe and efficient way.

EVE will adhere to innovation-driven development and fully take the advantages of its cylindrical battery solutions to provide high-quality, high-safety, high-reliability, and long-life cylindrical cells to empower a better smart life.