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Dr. Huang Hongliang of EVE Power delivered a keynote speech at the GGLB Industry Summit.

Jul 07,2023

Dr. Huang Hongliang, General Manager of EVE Power Domestic Marketing Center, was invited to attend the 16th GGLB Industry Summit held in Changzhou from July 3rd to 5th with the theme of "Change the Bureau, create a New Bureau", and delivered a keynote speech at the closing ceremony- "Commercial & Passenger vehicles develop together - E "Cells" Drive".

Dr. Huang Hongliang believes that the speed and momentum of development of Chinese battery enterprises are relatively sufficient compared to Japan and South Korea. Chinese battery enterprises are more likely to stand on higher peaks when going to overseas market. The power battery industry has entered a new era of global manufacturing, global cooperation and global service. World-class battery companies need to focus on commercial and passenger vehicles together to broaden the market.

Dr. Huang Hongliang introduced EVE Energy's mature products for passenger cars and commercial vehicles and the applicable technology routes for international market:

BEV (pure electric) is the mainstream direction in the field of passenger vehicles, but under the background of carbon peaking, new energy vehicles want to replace fuel cars cannot be achieved overnight, so PHEV (hybrid) is also the key development direction of EVE Energy. Layout "large cylindrical cells + LFP Stacked products" technology route, system innovation + structure innovation, to create the ultimate safety and economy. In addition, the new generation of "π" battery system adopts lightweight and high-strength materials, minimalist system design, supports 9min ultra-fast charging, and achieves NTP (No Thermal Spread, No Fire) technology.

In the field of commercial vehicles, China's commercial vehicle production capacity and exports are the world's first, the most important thing for commercial vehicles is the stability and standardization of products. Dr. Huang Hongliang believes that the international heavy truck, logistics vehicle and bus will become export growth points. For these three segments, EVE Energy offers new technology solutions for commercial vehicle batteries with standardized prismatic LFP cells and system products. In the heavy truck segment, EVE Energy launched H2 platform system products, using lightweight and high-strength materials, self-researched BMS management system, making the cycle life from 3400 to 4200 times, the overall cycle life increased by 40%; in logistics vehicle segment, EVE Energy launched M2 platform system products, adapted to the standardized mainstream scenario of 31 degrees to 100 degrees electricity.

Facing the opportunity of the booming new energy vehicle industry, EVE Energy expects to insist on innovation as the first driving force to bring more new energy technologies and new products that better meet the needs of consumers, and help the comprehensive electrification transformation of passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles.