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EVE Energy storage appeared at the 2023 Gaogong Energy storage Industry Summit and talked about the great era of global energy storage

Jul 08,2023

From July 6 to 7, the 2023 Gaogong Energy Storage Industry Summit hosted by Gaogong Energy Storage and Gaogong Industry Research Institute was successfully held. With the theme of "market-oriented integration and globalization", the summit set up six special sessions, and Liu Hongguang, general manager of the domestic regional sales center of EVE Energy Storage Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: EVE), gathered together with the majority of energy storage upstream and downstream industry chain enterprise leaders and industry elites to discuss the great era of energy storage.


Driven by the goal of carbon neutrality, energy storage is being rolled out globally at an unprecedented scale, growth rate and coverage. According to the High-Tech Industry Research Institute (GGII) forecast that in the next three years, the compound growth rate of the energy storage field will exceed 70%, by 2025, the global energy storage battery shipments will approach 700GWh, and by 2030 will exceed 2TWh. Whether energy storage can effectively adapt to the power grid, support the power grid, and even when the proportion of renewable energy in the future is higher, whether it can have the ability to build the power grid is becoming a new proposition for the energy storage industry.


At the summit, Liu Hongguang, general manager of EVE Energy Storage's domestic regional sales center, shared his views on the theme of "New challenges for energy storage batteries and systems from the perspective of power trading". He said that energy storage can only play a value in use, and it is necessary to actively participate in the power market trading, improve the utilization of energy storage, increase income, and promote the virtuous cycle of the energy storage industry.

The future development of the power market will give energy storage more abundant application scenarios and trading varieties, which requires more suitable and differentiated energy storage products. Under multiple trading varieties, there will be more complex operating conditions, and the level of operation management should be improved; A high proportion of renewable energy is the main feature of the future power system, a higher proportion of renewable energy trading needs capacity support, the capacity market urgently needs large-scale, long-term energy storage, and lithium batteries to achieve long-term superposition, lithium batteries need to continue to reduce costs.

In response to market demand, Liu Hongguang introduced the exploration and practice of EVE Based on years of experience in the energy storage industry and complete product line construction, EVE provides multi-scene and full-coverage products to meet the needs of more abundant application scenarios in the future; The innovation launched the LF560K large battery cell, redefining ESS with three advantages: Easier, Safer and more economical, effectively meeting the needs of large-scale, 4h and above energy storage power stations. It can effectively solve the problems of strong randomness, volatility and intermittency caused by the high proportion of new energy connected to the grid.


At the same time, EVE in the production and manufacturing innovation, invested in energy storage battery gigafacion to achieve large-scale production, the factory uses high-speed, high-performance and energy efficient production equipment, the application of automatic handling system, logistics, AGV full coverage, artificial intelligence, 5G technology enabled production, through heat recovery, clean energy use, wall supply and other green measures. To achieve the goal of carbon reduction and cost reduction in the whole life cycle of the product, the single-line production capacity can reach 10GWh, the single-GWH investment is reduced by 38%, the energy consumption is reduced by 20%, and the personnel is reduced by 30%, so as to meet the development needs of the power market "economic, safe and green".

To meet the big era of energy storage, in the future, EVE will focus on energy conservation and emission reduction, deeply integrate intelligent and green energy, help build a large-scale and market-oriented energy storage green development system, and make important contributions to the sustainable development of mankind.