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Shine throughout the venue! EVE Appears at the North American Battery and Electric Vehicle Exhibition

Sep 22,2023

On September 12-14, the Battery Show North America was held in Detroit. As a showcase for advanced battery and electric vehicle technology in North America, it brings together nearly 900 companies to explore the future of the industry. As a leading global supplier of lithium batteries, EVE has made its debut with cutting-edge cells and new energy solutions, fully demonstrating its technological strength and attracting a large number of visitors to the booth.


At the show, EVE's diversified product matrix was unveiled, including Li/SOCI2 batteries, Li/MnO2 batteries, SPC, lithium-ion Batteries, cylindrical NCM cells, cylindrical LFP cells, etc., providing innovative and efficient energy solutions for different application scenarios of customers in various industries.


In the field of cells, the 46-series large cylindrical NCM cells that combine the core advantages of "low internal resistance, high energy density, and long endurance", as well as the cylindrical LFP cells that combine the core advantages of "high performance, high safety, and long cycle", have all received good recognition from the industry and customers. Among them, the 46-series large cylindrical battery will serve as the main power source for BMW's latest electric vehicle model Neue Klasse. At present, several types of large cylindrical batteries have entered the C-sample stage. In June this year, 1 million 46-series large cylindrical batteries were completed for offline production, and the second million batteries will be offline this month in Sep.


In the field of energy storage, diversified solutions for household ESS, telecom ESS, and grid ESS have received great attention. The outdoor liquid cooled energy storage system demonstrated has been widely praised. Among them, the recently released ultra large capacity LF560K, a leading energy storage cell in the market, has attracted strong attention from the industry and customers due to its three major advantages of "easier, safer, and super-economic".


In the future, EVE will continue to rely on its strong research and development capabilities and technological strength, continuously promote lithium battery technology innovation, assist in energy transformation and upgrading, and contribute new forces and create new value to the green development of global new energy.