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EVE Energy's Vice President Tian Sang was invited to the Greater Bay Area Logistics Industry Chain Low Carbon Salon in Shenzhen.

Nov 01,2023

On October 28th, the Greater Bay Area Logistics Industry Chain Low Carbon Salon was held in Shenzhen, EVE Energy's Vice President Tian Sang was invited to deliver a keynote speech on "The strategy of reducing carbon emissions through electrification promotes the development of green low-carbon logistics" and shared the progress of EVE Energy's cutting-edge technology.




At the meeting, Tian Sang introduced that the transportation industry may become a major challenge and target for carbon reduction in the future. Global land transport accounts for the largest share of carbon emissions from all transport types, followed by shipping. Addressing carbon emissions from land and shipping will be a top priority for carbon reduction in the logistics industry and an important way to achieve the "dual carbon" targets.


Tian Sang mentioned that the electrification transformation of logistics equipment plays a significant role in decarbonization of the logistics industry and is an inevitable trend.


EVE Energy, as a provider of electrification solutions, has realized a large number of high-level and high-reliability applications for its products in logistics equipment. Afterwards, Tian Sang launched an introduction around land transportation electrification, shipping electrification and cargo management power supply, from product production to application recycling, showing the specific practice of EVE Energy in supporting the industry to save energy and reduce emissions, and promote the development of green and low-carbon logistics in a multi-directional way.


In the future, EVE Energy is looking forward to working with more partners to explore new low-carbon scenarios in logistics and transportation, cargo management and to promote technological innovation, so as to focus on the realization of a green and low-carbon logistics industry, to protect lucid water and lush mountains and to share the blue ocean and sky.