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Leading the Light Power Vane! EVE Makes a Wonderful Appearance at the Nanjing Electric Bicycle Exhibition

Oct 31,2023

From October 26 to 28, the 40th China Jiangsu International New Energy Electric Vehicle and Parts Fair in 2023 was grandly held at the Nanjing International Expo Center, with over 700 exhibitors gathering to discuss industry development trends.

EVE's comprehensive solution for portable lightweight power batteries has made an exciting debut, with the 46 series large cylindrical lightweight battery packs attracting countless attention and becoming the focus of attention throughout the exhibition.


At the exhibition, EVE grandly launched the 46 series large cylindrical lightweight battery pack. With its forward-looking design and extreme standardization, it immediately attracted high attention from industry customers on-site, and the booth was filled with excitement.


At this exhibition, EVE showcased a comprehensive range of cylindrical battery full matrix products such as 18650, 21700, 33140, and 40135, with performance advantages such as high safety, long endurance, long cycle, ultra fast charging, and wide temperature range. At the same time, EVE focused on creating extremely standardized battery packs, with multiple series models including 48V20Ah, 48V30Ah, 60V20Ah, 60V30Ah, 60V40Ah, and 72V30Ah, which can meet the different application needs of various customers and build comprehensive solutions for light power sources such as LEV, electric moped, and high-speed electric motorcycles, empowering smart life.


During the 3-day exhibition, EVE’s E2W battery pack had been tested for 72 hours of immersion discharge, and still operated stably and efficiently, demonstrating strong waterproof performance, safety and durability, which had also received attention and recognition from on-site customers and industry distributors.



In recent years, with the gradual implementation of China's new national standards and the rapid increase in lithium battery penetration rate, the demand for international markets mainly in Europe, US, India, and Southeast Asia has continued to expand. The light electric vehicle market has maintained a rapid development trend for a long time, and the trend of lithium electrification of electric vehicles is inevitable.

According to statistics, the market share of EVE's cylindrical batteries in 2022 ranks among the top four globally and the first among domestic brands. Based on 22 years of experience in cylindrical batteries, EVE fully leverages its technological advantages, relying on reliability design, advanced manufacturing technology, comprehensive testing, and standardized management to build a comprehensive solution for cylindrical batteries. With unique economical and intrinsic safety characteristics, its products are widely used in fields such as power tools, garden tools, vacuum cleaners, and electric two wheeler.


As a leading global cylindrical battery company, EVE has provided nearly 2 billion cylindrical batteries worldwide. In the future, EVE will continue to adhere to independent research and development, continue to promote technological innovation, fully leverage the advantages of EVE's cylindrical battery solutions, provide customers with high-quality, high-safety, high-reliability, and long-endurance cylindrical batteries, promote the innovation and upgrading of electric vehicle lithium-ion electrification, and jointly build a green and low-carbon future.

*Market ranking sourced from EVTank