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EVE Energy supports China's first high-power pure electric new energy shunting locomotive rolled off the production line!

Nov 20,2023

On November 16th, the first high-power pure electric new energy shunting locomotive equipped with EVE Energy's battery system rolled off the production line in Zhuzhou. Pengcheng Liu, Director of EVE Energy's Industrial Battery Research Institute, was invited to witness the event and delivered a keynote speech on "Power Battery Module for Railway Transportation and the Direction of the Development of New Energy Battery Technology".




The locomotive is tailor-made for Lianyuan Iron & Steel Group by CRRC, adopting a large-capacity LFP power battery as the only power source, with a maximum traction power of 1,500kW, which is the largest newly-built purely electric shunting locomotive in China at present, and it can satisfy the demand for railroad transportation in metallurgy, port, electric power, petrochemical, mining and other industries.


At the Green New Energy Technology Development Forum, Pengcheng Liu highlighted the research progress of EVE Energy in the field of rail transportation applications. The locomotive is equipped with EVE Energy's first 1200kWh ultra-high-power liquid-cooled fast-charging battery system, which is independently researched and developed, designed and produced by EVE Energy from the battery cell, BMS to the system as a whole, and it can realize the "super fast-charging" of "one charge per three seconds", and it can haul 1,200 tons of cargo and run for 128 kilometers on a full charge, which marks a breakthrough of EVE Energy in the field of rail transportation.


In terms of safety performance, EVE Energy's R&D team has developed a 5-layer safety architecture based on subcomponents to systems, integrating technologies such as energy splitting, hierarchical protection, fire detection and automatic fire extinguishing, forming a total of "13 layers of protection" from the physical layer to the system layer, ensuring the safety and reliability of power batteries in high-temperature conditions and throughout the entire lifecycle, and maintaining a good cycle life under low-temperature conditions.


It is estimated that the green and low-carbon technological advantages of this type of locomotive can ensure that each unit can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 150 tons per year, which is equivalent to planting 8,200 trees, and is of positive significance to the future construction of green land transportation, energy saving and carbon reduction.


Under the trend of comprehensive electrification and intelligentization, EVE Energy realizes technology and product upgrading and iteration through continuous R&D and actively promotes the development of various battery technologies such as Rechargeable lithium metal batteries, solid-state batteries, sodium-ion batteries, and hydrogen technology to further expand the field of new energy applications.


In the future, EVE Energy will continue to implement the concept of green and sustainable development, cooperate with partners to actively promote the transformation of electrification in the transportation industry, and make outstanding contributions to the sustainable development of mankind by helping the better life with technology!