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Technology Innovation to Create a Green Future! 1st EVE Lithium Battery International Conference was successfully held

Mar 21,2024

On March 19th, the "Technology Innovation to Create a Green Future-1st EVE Lithium Battery International Conference" was officially held. Representatives from top companies such as international and domestic smart meters, oil tank monitoring, container tracking, smart healthcare, and automotive electronics attended the event. Dr. Liu Jincheng, Chairman of EVE, Liu Jianhua, CEO & co-founder, Steven Chen, Senior Vice President, Jerry Feng and He Yingshen, Vice President, Zhu Yuan, Deputy Dean of the Science and Technology Committee, Jack Yi, General Manager of the Primary Lithium Battery Sales Center, Peter Cao, Director of the Primary Lithium Battery Research Institute, and Cheryl Wang, Overseas Sales Director, attended the event and engaged in diverse dialogues to explore the path of innovative development in the lithium battery industry.



Dr. Liu Jincheng, Chairman of EVE, delivered a speech, stating that in the past 23 years, EVE has continuously researched new technologies and products, improved its digital manufacturing level, and continuously improved production efficiency and product quality, providing comprehensive solutions for fields such as smart meters and smart cities. From material innovation to factory design, from energy conservation and consumption reduction to the use of green energy, from circular economy to trust guarantee, EVE adheres to the path of green and sustainable development. And based on global operations, we continuously expand our product portfolio, establish regional headquarters and manufacturing factories in the United States, Europe, and Asia, get close to customers, respond quickly, and work together with global partners to achieve a green future with high-quality lithium batteries and a seven-star service system.



Liu Jianhua, CEO & co-founder of EVE, shared his gratitude to our partners for their full trust and high recognition of EVE. EVE will continue to adhere to technological innovation and intelligent manufacturing, continuously improve its research and development capabilities, and be closer to customers to provide products with higher safety, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, meeting the growing market demand and enhancing the industry's sustainable development capabilities.



Steven Chen, CEO of EVE Energy Storage, Peter Cao, Director of Primary Lithium Battery Research Institute, Rynex Wang, Senior Application Manager, and Chen Weifen, Manager of Carbon Neutrality Strategy Department, respectively delivered reports on energy storage, lithium battery technology, acme manufacture, and sustainable development, exploring more cooperation models with global partners and creating more value.


In the round table session, guest representatives and representatives from R&D and supply chain of EVE jointly had in-depth exchanges on topics related to battery recycling, the new EU Battery Regulation, and primary lithium battery product design.



In addition, before the conference, representatives of enterprises jointly visited the "Lithium Battery World" exhibition hall and the ultimate manufacturing factory of EVE. From the industry's advanced consumer battery customized factory, the world's leading battery capacitor production line, to EVE's self-developed 5th generation Li/SOCl2 battery production line, they gained a deep understanding of EVE's digital and automated manufacturing capabilities for full process traceability.




EVE always puts customers at the center and strives to create value for them. As of now, the sales and export volume of primary lithium batteries has consistently ranked No. 1 in China for 8 years, and ER battery and SPC were both selected as China’s Single-Champion product in manufacturing industry.


Technology innovation to create a green future! EVE will continue to rely on its strong research and development capabilities and technological strength, continuously promote innovation in lithium battery technology, deeply build an international layout of "global manufacturing, global delivery, and global service", and realize the infinite possibilities of lithium batteries and smart life.