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Protect the health of life! EVE's comprehensive medical battery solutions made its debut at the CMEF!

Apr 14,2024

From April 11 to 14, the 89th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) was officially held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. EVE made a sparkling appearance with the comprehensive solutions for smart healthcare, including Li/MnO2 batteries and cylindrical batteries, fully showcasing cutting-edge technology and innovative products.


Dr. Chen Chengcheng from EVE Lithium Battery Research Institute and Technical Manager Li Maoqi from Cylindrical Battery Research Institute respectively released their solutions, attracting the attention of many industry experts.


EVE always adheres to invention and creation, respects life, and fulfills its technological mission. On the occasion of the 22nd anniversary in 2023, EVE officially established the Medical Battery Business Unit and creatively launched 7 medical battery solutions, which can be maturely applied in various in vitro and in vivo application scenarios such as AED, ventilators, blood glucose meters, electronic thermometers, capsule endoscopes, brain pacemakers, rechargeable neurostimulators, etc., matching the different application needs of customers in various industries. EVE is committed to establishing medical battery standards and extending the length of life with the warmth of technology.



Innovative medical batteries Multiple products appear together


At this exhibition, EVE showcased the medical battery solutions, covering a full range of product matrices including Li/MnO2 batteries, carbon fluoride batteries, cylindrical batteries and battery packs. With its advanced technological advantages such as high reliability, high safety, ultra-long lifespan, and ultra-wide temperature range, EVE received widespread attention and recognition from on-site customers upon its debut.


Faced with the strict standards of medical product batteries, EVE conducts comprehensive testing from the material end to the cell end, adopting medical-grade battery material design, the highest level of airtightness, and 100% passing CT testing to ensure zero failure of medical batteries; And has obtained ISO13485 medical device industry quality management system certification and UL1642, IEC60086 safety certification, which is safe, stable, and reliable, achieving unlimited possibilities for high-performance lithium batteries and smart life.




Focusing on high-quality development and creating a better life


At the meeting, Dr. Chen Chengcheng from EVE Lithium Battery Research Institute delivered a keynote speech titled "Li/MnO2 batteries Assist in the High-Quality Development of Smart Healthcare", focusing on sharing the application advantages of EVE's Li/MnO2 batteries in the field of smart healthcare. Among them, Li/MnO2 coin batteries can achieve high power output through innovative structural design, match application scenario requirements, and serve the global blood glucose meter medical community; Li/MnO2 cylindrical batteries have ultra-high pulse capacity and ultra-low self-discharge rate, which have been validated in the market for over 13 years, safe and reliable.




Li Maoqi, Technical Manager of EVE Cylindrical Battery Research Institute, delivered a keynote speech titled "Cylindrical Batteries Assist in the High-Quality Development of Smart Healthcare", detailing the outstanding advantages of cylindrical batteries in the application of smart healthcare scenarios. EVE has a one-stop solution of "cells+packs", which matches the needs of all scenario applications and safeguards life.


As of now, EVE has provided over 2.2 billion cylindrical batteries to the world. In 2023, the shipment volume of cylindrical batteries ranked among the top four in the world, ranking first among domestic brands and receiving high praise from customers and the market.




Relying on a high-quality product system and a one-stop overall solution, EVE continuous to promote lithium battery technology innovation, always pay attention to people's health and future, and work together with global partners to build a smart medical industry chain. With the power of technology, we make life healthier, longer, and more fullfilling.



*The data is sourced from the China Industrial Association of Power Sources、EVE's Laboratory