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Escort urban safety! EVE's Smart Security Power Solution Appears at ISC West 2024

Apr 17,2024

From April 10 to 12, ISC West 2024 was held at the Venetian Expo, Las Vegas, USA. As the flagship event in the security field with the largest scale and influence in the Americas, this exhibition brings together over 1,000 major suppliers in the security industry, over 30000 top end users, and experts for face-to-face communication.


EVE presents a comprehensive solution for smart security to match the application needs of security scenarios, and showcased new products, technologies, and solutions, jointly building a security ecosystem, and safeguarding urban security.



At this exhibition, EVE showcased a full range of independently developed Li/SOCl2 batteries, Li/MnO2 batteries, cylindrical batteries, PLM&SPC batteries, ER+SPC hybrid power solutions, which have the advantages of high safety, high reliability, long life, wide temperature range, low-self discharge rate, and strong pulse capability throughout the entire life cycle. They also meet the safety certification requirements of domestic CCCF certification, European VDS certification, and American UL certification. The products are widely used in the market fields of smart alarms, smart door sensors, combustible gas detection, smart smoke detectors, smart door locks, water immersion sensors, etc., promoting the digital and intelligent transformation of smart security and smart cities.


Among them, the semi sealed L series and fully sealed AH series of EVE's Li/MnO2 batteries have innovative upgrades. As a user replacement model, the L series will achieve three major improvements: low-temperature pulse performance, environmental adaptability performance, and high-temperature storage performance; As an engineer replacement model, the AH series will also achieve high temperature storage performance, low temperature pulse performance, and capacity improvement, continuously upgrading product value, service value, and market value for customers.




In the Internet era, information security issues are increasingly concerned, the traditional security industry is gradually transforming, and smart security has become the development trend. With the deepening development of globalization, the market areas and types of overseas developed countries are relatively mature, and the penetration rate of security markets is constantly increasing.

As a leading global lithium battery company, EVE has been deeply rooted in the field of smart security for more than ten years. With a domestic base and a global focus, EVE has built the advantages of "global manufacturing, global service, and global cooperation". Based on reliable design, advanced manufacturing technology, comprehensive testing, and standardized management, EVE's smart security battery solution has been validated in the market for over 13 years and will gain more industry recognition.



As of now, EVE has over 3.5 billion primary lithium batteries that have been verified in practical scenarios, and the sales and export volume of primary lithium batteries have consistently ranked No. 1 in China for 8 years, and ER battery and SPC battery were successively selected as China’s Single-Champion product in manufacturing industry.


In the future, EVE will continue to adhere to innovation driven development, and continue to make efforts in overseas markets through a diversified smart product ecosystem and a seven star after-sales service system, providing high-quality smart security power solutions for customers in various industries worldwide, and promoting the high-quality development of the global security industry.