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Highlights of EVE Energy in Auto China 2024! Empower Green Journey, Every Degree Counts

May 07,2024

On May 4th, the Auto China 2024 came to a successful conclusion. EVE Energy exhibited its passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle battery products, cutting-edge technologies, and held launch events focusing on cutting-edge technology, sustainable development and commercial vehicles during the show, won the attention and recognition with its innovative technology and high-quality products.

[Frontier Technology Special Event] Ultra-fast Charging Technology In The Silicon-based Era


On the afternoon of April 25th, Dr. Ji Yajuan, Director of EVE Energy Frontier Materials Research Institute, published a speech of "Ultra-fast Charging Technology In The Silicon-based Era". Based on market and customer needs, EVE Energy has launched cutting-edge battery technology with both fast charging and high specific energy. This technology integrates high-porous straight thick electrodes, EC-Free electrolyte, ultra-thin superconducting separator, silicon surface stabilization and others, enable charging 6 minutes to run more than 500 kilometers, which is expected to bring unprecedented convenience and efficiency to new energy vehicle users.

In addition, this technology has excellent high and low temperature discharge performance., the battery capacity retention rate can still reach more than 80% even in a low temperature environment of -20°C, which can effectively solve the battery life problem of new energy vehicles in winter. Regarding storage and safety performance, when fully charged, the voltage drops at a rate comparable to that of the existing battery system, which means that the vehicle can be parked for a long time without worrying about power loss. The product has already passed UN38.3 certification.

EVE Energy's breakthrough in ultra-fast charging technology aims to provide new energy vehicle users with a new choice that combines the characteristics of "high specific energy", "ultra-fast charging", "low temperature usable" and "can be parked for a long time", accelerating the electrification transformation of the automotive industry.

[Sustainable Development Special Event] CREATE Carbon Neutrality Action


On the morning of April 26th, Dr. Xiao Zhongxiang, Director of the Dual Carbon Work Department of EVE Energy, released the "CREATE Carbon Neutrality Action", committing to achieve carbon neutrality in core operations by 2030 and carbon neutrality in the core value chain by 2040.

At present, EVE Energy has reduced carbon emissions by approximately 160,000 tons, and has led over 500 partners to join carbon reduction actions through the value chain carbon management system. In the future, EVE Energy will continue to carry out technological carbon reduction in the six key areas of "carbon footprint management, recycling, extreme manufacturing, internal and external audits, technological innovation, and energy transformation", accelerate the achievement of carbon neutrality goals, lead the new energy industry in a sustainable way and help the world’s energy transformation.

[Commercial Vehicle Special Event] Commercial Vehicle Full Series Solutions


On the afternoon of April 27th, Dr. Huang Hongliang, General Manager of the Marketing Center, launched "Commercial Vehicle Full Series Solutions". He indicated that EVE Energy relied on its experience in the field of commercial vehicle batteries in the past ten years and conducted an in-depth analysis of the commercial vehicle application scenarios to launch a series of battery products and solutions with “lighter weight, faster charging, longer life and better cost”.

EVE Energy continues to increase battery energy density from 145Wh/kg in 2015 to 190Wh/kg in 2024, and plans to reach 210Wh/kg in 2026 to achieve batteries lightweight. In terms of system technology, functional integration and simplified technical routes are adopted to help users reduce costs and increase efficiency. In terms of fast charging, EVE Energy's commercial vehicle battery products have achieved 2C fast charging performance and will launch ultra-fast charging series in May, 2024.

In order to solve the heat dissipation problem of batteries during fast charging, EVE Energy will use innovative thermal management methods such as top-bottom liquid cooling technology and VC equalization to control battery temperature fluctuations and effectively extend product service life, it will also upgrade BMS technology to enable offline estimation shift to online estimation to improve the estimation accuracy of SOC and SOH. In terms of cost, Dr. Huang Hongliang declared that EVE will work together with customers to promote the development of battery standardization and system platform, reduce the costs for production and use, and create more value.


EVE Energy's battery products exhibited in the Auto China 2024 cover application scenarios such as automotive electronics, new energy passenger vehicles and new energy commercial vehicles, providing more reliable battery products for each power supply unit of the vehicle and bringing better driving experience to users.

Up to now, EVE Energy power batteries have been equipped in more than 1,570,000 new energy vehicles around the world, which can help reduce 23.6 million tons of carbon dioxide globally. EVE Energy has supplied more than 300 million automotive electronic batteries around the world, with stable operation and worry-free use. At the same time, EVE Energy has gradually reduced 160,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions by optimizing energy consumption and transitioning to renewable energy, leading to the net-zero emissions production. 

EVE Energy has been focusing on batteries for 23 years, counting every degree and empowering green journey!