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EVE's Dr. Richard Zhang was Invited to Deliver a Speech at Battery Days 2023 Conference

Oct 10,2023

Recently, Dr. Richard Zhang, Managing Director of EVE Germany, was invited to attend the Battery Days 2023 conference organized by CAR (Center Automotive Research) in Thuringia, Germany, and delivered a keynote speech on the topic of "Green and Low Carbon Manufacturing of Lithium Batteries and Carbon Reduction Strategies", which was well received by both the guests and the audience at the conference.




Dr. Richard Zhang introduced that under the global trend of green and low-carbon development, EVE Energy has integrated the concept of green and low-carbon into the overall construction of the company and has achieved outstanding results in carbon emission management, large-scale production and supply chain layout.


In order to realize carbon reduction in the whole life cycle of lithium batteries, EVE Energy focuses on measures such as using green power, enhancing the utilization rate of recycled and recovered materials and innovating sustainable technologies, which are expected to achieve a continuous reduction in carbon content per unit of product in the future. At the same time, EVE Energy has made large-scale investments in internal renewable energy utilization projects, and the factory is equipped with electrochemical energy storage and water storage and cooling devices, which enable flexible load regulation and peak shaving to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 60,000 tons per year in the future.


EVE Energy actively promotes the construction of "Zero-carbon factories" to further realize large-scale and low-carbon production. The “Zero-carbon factory” is equipped with highly automated manufacturing equipment and a highly digitalized energy management mechanism. The former can significantly improve product quality and help the company save energy and reduce carbon emissions in the TWh era; the latter can dynamically monitor the energy load and reduce energy consumption when production capacity fluctuates.


At the level of the green supply chain, EVE Energy's Jingmen base has taken the lead in completing the "Next-door supply" of raw materials and recycled materials from used batteries and continues to improve the recycling rate of used batteries and materials through technological innovation. In addition, in order to cope with the rapid expansion of production capacity, EVE Energy also uses recyclable and biodegradable green packaging materials to help low-carbon transportation.


In the past few years, EVE Energy has been developing rapidly, and the Hungary factory, as the first step of local industrialization in Europe, has gained wide attention and expectations. In the future, EVE Energy will continue to take the "low carbon" goal as the lead, and actively explore technological innovation, energy management and utilization, and contribute to the green development of the global lithium industry!