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EVE Hosts the 47th International Seminar & Exhibition on Electromagnetic Measurement Technology, Standard and Product 2023

Oct 13,2023

On October 8-10, the 47th International Seminar & Exhibition on Electromagnetic Measurement Technology, Standard and Product 2023 was held at Xi'an Shanxi Hotel. As a leading comprehensive electrical instrument and meter industry conference in the industry, EVE has participated in over 21 sessions to date and has become a leading provider of comprehensive solutions for electrical instrument power supply, continuously empowering the development of the meter industry.

At this conference, as the organizer, EVE made a brilliant appearance with a comprehensive solution for smart meter power supply, showcasing a full range of products including Li/SOCI2 batteries, Li/MnO2 batteries, SPC & PLM batteries, ER+SPC power solutions, and meter specific batteries, fully demonstrating its technological strength and innovative capabilities, and the booth was flooded with people.


Among them, the SPC0920A that appeared at the conference has successfully passed the testing and certification of the State Grid Measurement Center, indicating that EVE’s SPC0920A meets the testing and application standards of the State Grid, can meet the functional requirements of the new-generation smart electricity meters for energy storage devices, and has passed the automotive grade AEC-Q200, UL1642, UN (38.3) and other standards. It has performance advantages such as high reliability, long life, low self-discharge rate, and high-power output under extreme wide temperature, more suitable for harsh usage environments, safe and reliable.


At the conference, Chen Zebin, technical director of the Research Institute, gave a special technical speech titled "Safety Design and Application Discussion of Li/SOCI2 batteries in Smart Meters" based on the requirements of long life and high reliability of the new -generation electricity meters. He comprehensively interpreted the safety design mechanism, manufacturing control, and application safety measures of the ER batteries, which ensures safe and reliable performance through the full life cycle, thus assisting in the development of the electrical instrument and meter industry.


The report points out that EVE’s Li/SOCI2 batteries should adopt a limited anode design, fully meeting the requirements of the State Grid for a series of safety testing standards such as forced discharge and reverse charging. EVE conducts strict raw material control, conducting multi-layer inspections from the supplier end to the incoming end to ensure the quality and safety of the incoming materials. At the same time, EVE adopts its self-developed fourth generation fully automated production line to achieve a good assembly environment, a Class-10000 dust-free workshop, and strict moisture control throughout the production environment, achieving a safe and reliable lithium battery manufacturing process.


As a leading global lithium battery company, EVE’s primary lithium batteries have been widely used in the fields of intelligent instruments and have been unanimously recognized by various customers in the meter industry, possessing significant market influence. As of now, EVE has provided over 1.7 billion smart meter batteries globally. The primary lithium batteries has consistently ranked No. 1 in China in terms of sales and export volume for 7 years, and ER battery was selected as China’s Single-Champion product in manufacturing industry in 2022.


In the future, EVE will always be committed to innovation in smart grid lithium battery technology, continuously providing customers with more comprehensive and high-quality products and innovative power solutions, assisting in the intelligent transformation of the electrical instrument and meter industry, and empowering enterprises to develop with high quality.