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EVE attends ESGC 2023 in Belgium to Explore the Future of Carbon Reduction

Oct 17,2023

From Oct. 10th to 12th, the Energy Storage Global Conference,organized by the European Association for Storage of Energy,was held in Brussels, Belgium. Dr. Zhang Rui, Managing Director of EVE Germany GmbH, gathered with energy storage experts, scholars and industry leaders from all over the world to discuss the latest policies, technologies and market trends in the field of energy storage.


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According to IEA's estimation, new energy generation will account for 35% of the world in 2025, and the demand for energy storage will usher in a big explosion. Focusing on power system transformation, energy storage development and challenges, Dr. Zhang, Managing Director of EVE Germany GmbH, delivered a speech on "Energy Storage and Industry Decarbonization" at the summit, saying, "As the demand for energy storage explodes, the proportion of large-scale projects at GWh level will increase rapidly, and long-lasting energy storage projects with a lifespan of more than 3 hours will account for more than 60% of the total. As the demand for energy storage explodes, the proportion of GWh-class large-scale projects will increase rapidly, and the proportion of 3-hour or more long-lasting energy storage projects will account for more than 60%, which is both an opportunity and a challenge for the energy storage industry. In order to better cope with the changes, the energy storage industry urgently needs to solve the three major problems of energy storage system management complexity, thermal runaway and economy."

In order to solve the three major problems of energy storage system, EVE released the new generation 5MWh liquid cooling system--"Mr. Giant"."Mr. Giant" is equipped with 628Ah large stacked smart cell "Mr. big", which redefines ESS with the three major advantages of "Easier, Safer , and Superb-economic", providing an advanced solution for the power system transformation, which is able to provide superb-economic solutions. Redefining ESS and providing advanced solutions for power system transformation, it is able to solve the management complexity, thermal runaway and economy in the era of large-scale power plants ahead of time, and effectively meet the needs of the future TWh era.


During the speech, Dr. Zhang Rui pointed out that to meet the green and sustainable needs of the new era, EVE has constructed a green supply chain with the circular economy of "waste lithium batteries - chemical materials - battery materials - lithium batteries". Meanwhile, carbon reduction measures have been taken in the whole life cycle of lithium batteries, using green power in the battery manufacturing stage, negative electrode manufacturing stage, positive electrode manufacturing stage, and recycling nickel, cobalt, and lithium materials in the recycling materials stage. In addition, this year, the EVE photovoltaic power plant is planned to reach 110 MW, which is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 60,000 tons per year in the future. A series of effective carbon reduction measures of EVE triggered the approval and discussion of the experts at the meeting.


EVE is committed to providing green, efficient and sustainable solutions for the whole society and contributing to the sustainable development of all mankind. In the future, EVE will continue to rely on its strong R&D and technological strength to continue to promote the technological innovation of lithium batteries, assist in energy transformation and upgrading, and continue to contribute to the green development of new energy sources around the world and create new value.