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Congratulations! The first delivery ceremony for the EVE’s Linju series electric two wheeled vehicle batteries was successfully held

Apr 19,2024

On April 10th, the first delivery ceremony of EVE’s Linju series electric two wheeled vehicle batteries was officially held in Shenzhen, Guangdong. Zhao Jian, General Manager of EVE’s Cylindrical Battery Sales Center, and Cui Xianfeng, Sales Director, and other leaders attended the ceremony to jointly promote the safety in light traffic and a green future!


The first batch of products will be shipped to regions such as Anhui, Jiangxi, Hunan, Hubei, He’nan, Shandong, Tianjin, and Yunnan & Guizhou & Sichuan, achieving the first nationwide coverage, marking that Linju series of batteries has officially entered the substantive stage of mass supply and opening a new journey.



Based on 23 years of accumulation and breakthrough innovation in lithium battery safety technology, EVE adheres to the design and development requirements of high safety and reliability for automotive power batteries, fully leveraging its technological advantages. Based on reliable design, advanced manufacturing technology, comprehensive testing, and standardized control, EVE has achieved multiple innovative upgrades from material safety, structural safety, electronic and electrical safety, and intelligent digitization. EVE is committed to creating " automotive-grade safety" electric two wheeled vehicle battery packs, providing safe travel for consumers.


The Linju series of batteries are not afraid of the strict standards of "new strong standards" and perform well in battery safety tests such as extreme environments, short circuits, overcharging, vibration, squeezing, puncture, and thermal diffusion. With six core performance advantages, it can effectively solve industry pain points such as safety, range, charging speed, and cycle life, and covers comprehensive solutions from 48V to 72V, 20Ah to 100Ah. It can match the electric bicycle, electric motorcycle, and urban battery swapping markets, bringing the ultimate experience to global users.


In addition to the ultimate safety performance of the battery itself, EVE has also matched the Linju series of batteries with ultra-high safety charger equipment, and meets the first mandatory national standard GB 42296-2022 "Safety Technical Requirements for Electric Bicycle Chargers", achieving “one battery, one charge”, and real-time communication monitoring of the battery pack, avoiding safety hazards caused by misuse of chargers.


The successful shipment and official delivery of the first batch of Linju series of batteries demonstrate EVE’s mission of ”Reliable and Harmonious Development”, as well as its confidence and achievements in focusing on high quality and building new productive forces. EVE will make every effort to ensure delivery to meet market demand, ensure product quality, and strive to make the Linju series of batteries a leading safety lithium battery product in the industry.




Gathering momentum to seek distant goals, and strive for new beginnings. EVE always adheres to technological innovation as the driving force, insist on achieving the industry's highest standards, and is committed to creating the ultimate standard and safety lithium-ion battery solution, providing global users with a safer, high-performance, and highly reliable green travel experience, supporting the high-quality development of the electric two wheeled vehicle industry.