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Building Smart Water Together! EVE's High Reliability Smart Water Meter Power Solution Appears at the Annual Meeting of the China Urban Water Association

Apr 23,2024

 Building Smart Water Together! EVE's High Reliability Smart Water Meter Power Solution Appears at the Annual Meeting of the China Urban Water Association


From April 18 to 20, the 2024 Annual Meeting of the China Urban Water Association were grandly held in Qingdao, Shandong. EVE's comprehensive solution for smart water meter power has made its debut, focusing on the current situation and high-quality development of the urban water industry with experts, scholars, and other industry colleagues from all over the country. Focusing on industry hotspots, difficulties, and pain points, EVE jointly explore new ideas and trends in the industry, and discuss the future development of the industry.


Wang Bin, Manager of EVE Smart Meter Technology Center, shared a highly reliable smart water meter power solution on site, which was unanimously recognized by numerous industry experts.




With the iterative development of driving forces and technological foundations, China's smart water industry has undergone a transformation from automation, informatization, to intelligence. During the 14th Five Year Plan period, China comprehensively promoted the construction of smart water services and accelerated the water industry towards a new stage of intelligence. Driven by national policies, China continues to increase investment in business areas such as remote measurement and smart metering. The extension of smart water services brings new opportunities and challenges to the future strategic deployment of enterprises.


EVE actively responds to market demand and provides customized solutions for customers' differentiated needs, targeting industry pain points. At this exhibition, EVE's full range of flagship products with high safety, high reliability, standardization, and intelligence were showcased, which attracted many participating customers, and partners to stop and visit. EVE has been widely praised for its cutting-edge technology products, professional technical solutions, and high-quality customer service during the continuous inquiries at the booth.




At the meeting, in response to the application requirements of NB-IoT water meters and ultrasonic electronic water meters based on smart metering, Rynex Wang, the manager of EVE's Smart Meter Technology Center, focused on sharing the performance advantages of ER+SPC power solutions and standardized solutions for smart water meter power. He pointed out that the ER+SPC power solutions have over 13 years of practical application experience, forming a strong market competitive advantage due to its performance characteristics such as long lifespan, wide temperature range, high reliability and stability, and high safety.


At the same time, EVE launched an upgraded version of ER-V+SPC-A key technology, which has a wide temperature and high pulse output. It exhibits excellent weather resistance and high reliability stability in extreme environments, making it safer to use, more flexible to install, and more durable to power supply. Taking ER34615C as an example, he introduced the exploration work of EVE in the next generation smart meter power solution.




In addition, based on the fact that smart water meters are always in an open-air environment and require high battery life and environmental weather resistance, EVE has targeted the development of a fully sealed cylindrical lithium manganese battery solution. The CR17450AH battery achieves an industrial grade of -40 ℃~+85 ℃ ultra-wide temperature range, dual 85 grade ultra-strong high temperature and high humidity resistance, and is extremely safe and reliable. It performs well in extreme environmental testing, effectively solving the concerns of customers about high power consumption, difficult leakage control, and high operation and maintenance costs of water meters.


Empowering Digital Intelligence, Creating a Future Together! As a leading global lithium battery company, EVE has always taken new products and technologies as a grip continuously exploring the deep integration of lithium battery products and emerging technologies, further promoting the digitalization and intelligent upgrading of smart water, and will work together with industry forces to promote the construction of smart water ecological civilization, build a new type of smart city, and promote harmonious coexistence between people and water.